Rockin' Steady​(​Watch your mouth)

by Forty Ounces

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Better watch out cuz here we come
every word you speak
are bullets loaded in a gun
aim fire...ask questions later
deny hard like youre not the perpatraitor
Do you wanna....Make shit right or
light the match that starts the fire fight
when you have so my options positive and negative but
but you cant keep straight the message you want to convey

So watch the words that you say

Because your spells may come true some day

Words can bring you more pain

Than you could ever anticipate

Running your mouth
Letting it all out
with no kind of restraint
over the musckes in your mouth
you got so much to get off
your chest and it takes over
sweating stressing with a mouth vomit disorder
In a panic
energy all frantic
you blast it in all directions
when you start becoming manic
Blessin one man, and cursing another
Your words are all made of magic
from one person to another so....

Just Watch your mouth

Only you can control what comes out

watch the words that you say

Because your spells may come true some day

No Excuses left to say

We dictate our own reality


released December 23, 2016
Leland Jensen



all rights reserved


Leland Jensen Payette, Idaho

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